** (469) - main site from Streamray. As an affiliate  Live2Cam brings you exactly same gorgeous models.


LiveJasmine (458) - most famous from several adult cams sites brought by AWE. Thousands of sexy girls, couples .


ImLive (884) - huge web cams portal containing adult section where you can find anything ever saw on web cams.



The SECRETS of adult web cams sites REVEALED!

         This is the best place to begin your adventure in the world of adult web cams if you're a newbie. If you are an old client of adult web cam sites, you'll find here answers to many questions you may had.

           One of them probably is:  What's happening that you find the same girls on different sites ? ..

              The explanation is simple. Those performers are registered up to five sites and using split cam software are chatting in the same time on those sites. This is not a rule. A good model, having many visitors cannot use more than one, or let's say two, chat windows. And that's more than enough for them !

            For finding all models being the same on different sites it's another explanation. There are few major sites having the power and technology to intermediate the communication between you and several available cam models. But all of them have affiliate programs and around them are developing thousands of sites.

           On all of those sites you'll find the same models - girls, guys, couples, etc - as on the mother site. Sometimes, even the design of the sites are similar.

            Even Live2Cam is one of those sites. It brings you models from two major players in this field (the biggest in my opinion), Streamray and AWE (Adult Webmaster Empire):

   - Live2Cam models from Streamray ( main site;

   - Live2Cam models from AWE ( main site  LiveJasmine).

             I don't think that you can find a site with as many models online like those !!

           Our intention is to help you find all possible models without browsing thousands of sites. What do you want most when you're looking for adult web cams? I'd say that as many models as possible.. Why? Because you want to have where to choose from ! This way you'll find the most sweet, cute, horny, sexy, .. girl in the world to please you !

            Believe it or not, there are more than 50 000 sites having the same content as Live2Cam !!! Just put the words "powered by streamray" in a search engine and you'll see that it's truth ...

So, you don't have to search through thousand of sites to find what you really want.

Just keep close to us and you'll find everything you desire !!

          In the closest future we'll post here all major sites - where you can find best models.

         Under the "REAL IMPORTANT SITES" (upper left corner) you will find those sites and a number near them. These numbers are representing the maximum number of  cams found online in the same time. That will be the main criteria of sorting the sites.

        Please make your comments on the sites descriptions and let us know what kind of information you would like to find about them !!

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